Top 5 Forgotten Fortnite Skins in 2021


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Vi Fortnite Skin and Accessories

The Vi Fortnite Skin is a reactive skin with two different styles. Fortnite Team members get her pickaxe and, back bling, each with two different styles along with a new weapon wrap and loading screen. These items are called the Twisted Claw, Foxbow Quiver, Drift Shift, and Kitsunes Pursuit.

Vi Fortnite Skin

Vi is considered part of the Fortnite Drift Tracker set and is a Legendary skin. Several details of her outfit light in the dark and the skin is reactive with energy crackling around her form with every player removal. Her alternative style matches a cold fox, replacing her pinks with an iced blue.

Vi Fortnite Skin Accessories

Vi's pickaxe, the Crooked Claw, comes in both her original and arctic styles and resembles a barbed hook attached to anodized aluminum and rubber-gripped frame.

A little fox attraction kills off the end of the grip. The Foxbow Quiver back bling is similar to the Green Arrow's quicker, although with colors that pop much more. Vi's Drift Shift wrap is black, white, and pink with a stylized logo on it and fits her set expertly.

The Kitsunes Pursuit loading screen is wonderfully decorated and one of the better loading screens available in Fortnite right now.

Top 5 Forgotten Fortnite Skins that Were Once Popular

Some Fortnite Skins warm the hearts when they have seen, which are rare occurrences. All skins in Fortnite get a YouTube video and gameplay at release, but that does not make them popular for long.

There are a lot of skins available for the Fortnite Game. Take a look at the below and get your favorite skins. This list isn't for skins that were so unpopular upon release that they disappeared.

Instead, it is for skins that were once popular but faded into obscurity as the game aged. Players may see these skins again and say, "oh yeah, I like that," but they would not break it out themselves for more than a game or two.

These skins have forgotten and most likely fill a spot in player's lockers.

5. Sugarplum

The Sugarplum skin seems like a lot of work and effort passed into it. If it came out in the early days of Fortnite, it would have been popular for much longer than it was.

While Sugarplum is an incredibly unique Fortnite skin, and there are not many like her, but she does not stand out. She is not over the top or so unique that players identify with certain characteristics. Her wings are the most used part, and while it is sad to see her forgotten, it is clear.

4. Leviathan

Leviathan started incredibly popular in Fortnite. He is number two because of the details of his removal as the Sugarplum fishy. He was the go-to when players wanted to look stupid and use an animal Fortnite skin.

He was part fishy, part space explorer, and the skin to have if players wanted to be non-human. There are three skins responsible for Leviathan taking kicked aside: Meowscles, Kit, and Tiko.

Anyone who wanted to be non-human could either be the robotic Material, the adorable buff kitty.

3. Desperado

Desperado makes players more impressive. He was famous in YouTube videos with the song Desperado. This kind of fame may be publicized up, but it fades just as quickly. Desperado was released when Fortnite first started in Chapter 1, Season 1. This was the "bad guy" skin and the first one used by sweats.

As time moved on, more skins came in that looked better and more difficult. Desperado was cast out and is usually overlooked when the subject of forgotten skins come up.

2. Mothmando

Mothmando is a questionable addition and the reason this list exists. It is amazingly recognizable, and players know him from a distance away. He is famous on Twitter but is a scarce sight in a match.

He is one of the most modern skins but has been overshadowing by even cooler skins in Fortnite. He used to be the go-to when players wanted to feel like a dark superhero. This, ended when Marvel came in and gave players real superheroes. Now, Mothmando has to compete with Ant-Man and players who use butterfly wings.

Mothmando will always be beloved in Fortnite player's hearts, but he just is not as popular as he used to be in-game and will continue this downward spiral until he's only a niche skin.

1. Steelsight

Epic Games released this skin particularly early in Fortnite's life. It has come and gone like all skins, but it never kept the immense popularity it once had when it had no competition. It is well known when it looks but is so basic, that most players don't care to use it even with its rareness.

It is just a skin to have in a player's locker to make up a showcase, not to use. That makes it the most ignored of skins that should be valued.


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